About Us

Rupert and Ian

We are a UK based company specialising in designing and manufacturing exciting innovative toys and accessories for Dogs and Cats. The business was inspired by a real dog, Rupert (see about Rupert)

The team at Rupert’s Pet Shop has worked together for many years designing and manufacturing toys for children; we are now applying the same care and attention to detail with everything we make for Rupert’s Pet Shop.

We test out all our ideas with real dogs and cats and are advised by animal specialists and vets.  We listen and we learn… then we apply our expertise and passion about what we do to try and make toys and accessories that are durable, as safe as possible but most of all FUN !!

About Rupert - Our Inspiration

Rupert wasa  Labradoodle being trained as a Hearing Dog for the Deaf.After a year he was not considered suitable for placement. His owners (who knew Rupert's foster parents) approached Hearing Dogs and managed to persuade them to let Rupert come and live with them. Rupert's new owners had been heavily involved in developing toys for children but had never owned a dog before. Rupert introduced them to the world of pet toys and accessories and a new business was born.

Very sadly and at only 6 years old, Rupert was diagnosed with Lymphoma and underwent intensive chemotherapy. In the vast majority of cases this would give a remission period of anything up to 2 years but Rupert's Lymphoma proved to be resistant to all the combinations of drugs tried. After a very brave fight for 3 months Rupert was put to sleep to prevent him suffering the final stages of his cancer. Despite his many trips to the vet, lots of poking, prodding and injections he remained stoical and typically good natured throughout.

Rupert was a very, very lively dog and will be missed but never forgotten. Favourite things would involve football, football, football (he was a Birmingham City fan) then chasing other dogs or finding and fetching (toys, not other dogs!) As a Hearing Dog he had done a lot of exciting things in his training; trains, planes, buses, ferries, even the London underground.

Rupert never had any special training to do any of the things you see on the website and like all pets he did not always get it right. We just gave him plenty of help, encouragement and attention and like most dogs he usually managed to work things out.

Our business will always be known as Rupert's Pet Shop in his honour, after all he was our inspiration and changed our lives in an amazingly positive way.

We now have Katie, aged 3-another Labradoodle.She is a treal handful who loves running around on our local beaches and palying with other dogs in the dunes.She specialiszes in frisbee catching and is often seen on our local Golf Courses caddying.


What inspired us to make pet toys

One of the things that inspired us to start making toys for pets is that we think the majority of  stuff out there is so BORING and often designs look like they have not changed for years! 

Pets are really good at picking up signals from people around them, if you are excited about playing with a new toy with them then they will be as well.  If you think it is a boring toy and are less excited or motivated to play then they will soon lose interest too. Often pets PLAY TO PLEASE they get a reaction from you (for example they see you laughing or chasing about) and will want to see you do it again and again.  So we think toys should be as much fun for the owner as they are for the pet.

At Ruperts Pet Shop you won’t find boring ideas or designs.