Our Brands

We design and manufacture all our own products from scratch. We don’t buy in products from other companies.  We believe that the same sort of care that goes into making safe and fun toys for children should be applied to toys for dogs and cats but sadly that is not always the case. 

We avoid any toxic materials especially certain plasticizers that are still found in many pet toys. These plasticizers would not be allowed in children’s toys (in fact they are banned in the EU) as they are toxic, we think they should never be used in pet toys

We also use natural materials where possible like cotton and canvas for our plush toys. We aim to use re-cycled materials or make sure we have a decent recycled content, especially in rubber and plastic toys. This isn’t always possible though as some recycled materials are just not strong enough for pets and also ironically the raw material itself is not always available!

Did you know that there is no legal requirement to do any safety or material testing on toys intended for pets before they are sold in the UK?  We think that is wrong and we have created some special tests that our toys and accessories have to meet .We also monitor the factories that are being used to make sure the working practices are ethical and the raw materials being used are appropriate for pets.


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