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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been caring for and rehoming abandoned, stray and neglected animals since 1860. They have looked after over 3 million dogs and cats since then. Play and mental stimulation are vital for you and your dog.

Play promotes wellbeing and helps dogs to socialise. Play can help to increase the bond between you and your dog, help with training and reduce boredom.

We've created a range of exciting toys using our knowledge and expertise, we hope you like them. They are practical and durable but most of all fun and stimulating! With every purchase of a Battersea toy you will be making a contribution to the care of Battersea dogs and cats.



Super Foam Flyer  


Great for chase, catch and retrieve games! Our high performance Flyer is made from durable micro-cellular RUFOAM ™. The soft foam is safer for your dog and is naturally anti-bacterial. It is light, easy to throw, floats in water and has a big rim making it easier for your dog to pick up.

Super Squeaker  


Perfect for chase, catch and retrieve games! A great outdoor toy made from tough, durable rubber and soft, natural cotton rope. Hold the rope end, swing the toy around in a circle and let it fly through the air.
Always throw away from your dog and other people.

Super Squeaker Balls  


Our high quality super-squeaky tennis ball will keep most dogs entertained. Covered with a durable, non-abrasive material that is kind on teeth with a squeaker hidden inside for safety. Designed to fit a standard ball-launcher. This is not a chew toy so be prepared to remove from your dog if necessary.

Super Squeaky Toy  


For dogs that enjoy lots of extra squeaks... Our sausage dog contains no fewer than six squeakers and is made from a super soft material!



A super-tough toy, great for chase, catch and retrieve games! Tumballs are made from durable micro-cellular RUFOAM TM which is naturally anti-bacterial. Their random bounce will stop your dog from getting bored; they float in water and also fit a standard ball-launcher.

Reward Bone  


Helps to teach your dog to wait and rewards for retrieving. Unwrap the sleeve and place a treat in one of the pockets. Close the fastening. Make your dog sit and wait whilst you hide the bone - you may need a helper!